HIMSS18 Presentation: Infectious Disease Rapid CDS Deployment: A Zika Case Study

March 6, 1:00pm, CST - 2:00pm, CST

Las Vegas - Venetian Convention Center - Delfino 4002

Lubbock HIMSS representation at HIMSS18 with a one-hour presentation

Stephanie H. Hoelscher MSN RN-BC CPHIMS CHISP

Dwayne Hoelscher MSN RN CPHIMS

Clinical decision support (CDS) is often a misused or overused tool within an EHR, yet if developed appropriately, it can be a life saver, and that is really its purpose. Ever since the 2014 outbreak of Ebola within the United States, there has been movement towards a more “all-hazards” approach to dealing with disasters, specifically infectious disease (ID). This led to development of a more modular CDS deployment method, one that could be turned on and off as needed, or modified within a short period of time.  Recently, the tangible impact of the Zika virus has become more apparent. Under the guidance of the CDC, and local pregnancy and ID experts, a workflow was implemented within an EHR to assist providers with guidance for the care of their patients that may have been exposed to Zika. This session will discuss the original build investigation, design, and barriers, as well as ongoing  development and plans for infectious disease CDS that could be ready for the next "Zika."